By Alex Roberts

This has to be the the headline that I am most shocked and least surprised by this year.

Babu Owino, the non-so-honourable MP from Embakasi East, allegedly shooting a Nairobi DJ in the neck at popular hangout for Nairobi scenesters: B Club in Kilimani. The facts surrounding the case are still clearing through the fog; and allegations are being made left and right, but one thing is for certain, that Owino and his camp are handling the situation with all of the emotional depth and empathy of a true mafisi. It is truly shameful, watching the lack of decorum and caring for another human life from Owino’s side, even if he was completely innocent and all of this was a mere misunderstanding (which, for the record, does not appear to be the case- see video evidence of DJ Evolve being shot by the MP carried out of B Club as though he were mere trash by same callous MP).

On Owino’s Facebook page today; he listed several ‘Occupational Hazards’- the fifth of which states that a politician: ‘must be prepared to enjoy’.

You’re a tool and a moron.

The circumstances presented by Owino’s cadre of sycophants seems to openly fly in the face of reason, logic and video evidence. There is no ‘violent mob’; there is no ‘sudden surprise confrontation’. This is bullshit. It is mere legalese to attempt to cover a truly heinous crime by a long since heinous official.

The choice to picture DJ Evolve, the young musician now recovering after being shot through the neck by a handgun, instead of Owino is deliberate. It is the editorial stance of the EA Scene that Babu Owino is a publicity seeking fuck-boy who doesn’t deserve to snatch more attention away from the victim.

Such behavior from Owino is not new; anyone who attended the University of Nairobi during Owino’s vice-like grip over student proceedings can attest to his deliberate attempts at control through means of intentional intimidation and rampant corruption. Supporters of his will surely cry: ‘but look at all the fundraising and organizing he did!’ Of course, at five million KSh events furnished with four whole crates of soda. This man has long been a suck onto public funds, has taken away from legitimate student action to mobilize and has stepped up his cretinous behavior to the next possible conclusion: politics.

By all accounts, DJ Evolve is an upstanding person, a hardworking DJ who cares deeply about his craft and the audience he plays for.

And Owino shot him through the neck, as though he was nothing. He viewed him as nothing more than a servant to his good time; someone who he would probably have hired ‘for exposure’ and transport fees. Before you get on some damn horse saying we’re out of line calling this how we see it; really ask yourself: would Owino have allegedly shot a man he thought to have been a political insider through the neck like he was less than human?

We didn’t think so.

As such, the EA Scene stands firmly with the DJs of Kenya in demanding a thorough, impartial and fair legal proceeding into the shooting of DJ Evolve last week at B Club. It is our view point that the video evidence firmly shows that one Babu Owino shot him deliberately and with malicious intent. This was not a shot through a knee, not a warning shot to scare off ‘aggressors’: it was a bullet fired through the neck- a shot that can only be viewed as attempted murder.

We are watching closely for any gross miscarriage of justice surrounding this case. If found guilty- Owino must be given the harshest sentence possible, at a high security facility as he is clearly a danger to members of the creative sector of Kenya. We hope that Evolve achieves a speedy recovery; and look very much forward to the testimony he gives.

Surely, this must be some kind of tipping point, artists of Kenya do not exist to be shot and disposed of by politicians. Unless the video evidence deceives sober eyes, Owino should immediately be stripped of all political titles and standing.

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