By Alex Roberts

Bengatronics Sound & System have given word that they’re taken initiative during this entire COVID-19 modern craziness to create something- a collaborative album entirely made during the lockdown in studio- with the effort broadening and including pieces of work from other artists as well.

The new album being created is ‘Lockdown Love!’ because during all of this madness, music is #covid19therapy.

The initial goal of the project is to raise 100,000 KSh for the music industry folks involved in the project. But, we at the EA Scene, of course want to see that number blown out of the water- by clicking on this sentence you’ll be linked to how you can go about buying ‘Lockdown Love’, the initiative has already raised 21,000 through the Thundafund established exclusively for the project.

If you’re not familiar with Bengatronics, see your life. Bengatronics is a studio designed for collaborations- every week, artists come to record and further create together. Every month,  they invite people to sample our collaborations fresh out of the Studio. They jam together. They eat and drink. They #BengaTogetha! 

As a not-so-subtle final hint: if you ever do get a chance to see Bengatronics live , you’d be a fool to pass it up, they consistently put on some of the best sets in East Africa.

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Then #COVID19 happened, and the artists of Bengatronics, just like all of us went into lockdown- but they got locked down in the studio together.

In light of all that’s happened, Bengatronics is keeping on the front foot, as they always do, to create something incredibly dope. To make this happen- and to make the album you will absolutely be vibing on in three months as complete as it can be- you can help the cause by throwing in a bit of the old cash-ish.

Essentially they need to keep the studio running, that’s where you come in helping them reach the goal of KSh 100,000. That’ll help cover the basics for the coming couple of months.

But of course, let’s aim as high as we can- by all means grab some swag as well as the album

The ‘Lockdown Love’ album will be released online in 90 days. So you’re just gonna have to wait, its almost like you have the time these days…

It’ll be worth it- I assure you.

For your contribution, you will receive a digital copy of the album once it becomes available in 90 days through their digital channel. These three tracks are samples to give inspiration to musicians and politicians who are ready to collaborate with the Bengatronics crew immediately

So one the coolest things- and something you’ll definitely need in a few months of abject boredom- if the goal is doubled, they’ll air a live concert that will stream live through on their Youtube channel featuring all the artists who collaborated on the project.

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