By Alex Roberts

If you haven’t been to Creatives Garage in Nairobi, you simply must attend something they’re holding in person once all this perpetual COVID nonsense blows past us into distant memory. They’re a lovely spot for congregating and networking with other creatives, and tend to throw delightful parties to boot.

Seeing as how we’re all currently locked into rooms, staring at walls and beginning to see visions of the future and past in concurrent perpetual time loops- it may be high time to get some new arts into your life. Creatives has this covered, throwing an ambitious online festival (aptly called the Lock In Festival) that has been ongoing for the better part of two weeks now, featuring sets of live music, panel discussions, even sessions of guided meditation.

They are an assurance that you will never get as bored as you could (and we all know what you’re capable of left to such devices) and, much more importantly to have a direct line to support a larger community within the creative sector by giving through the online ‘tip jars’, buying albums, advance purchasing content, pieces, and the smattering of goods that you should definitely stock up on in advance for the inevitable post corona bliss.

They have more webinars and performances going up live all week.

For up to date info look to their Facebook page first:

Just for a quick taster- here’s a couple of highlights to some of the features from the Creatives Garage Lock In Festival from the last few weeks.

#LockInAfterParty featuring Mchizi Gaza, Cedha Fedha, Kweli Africa and Nessy

Don't forget to tip the amazing artists for their great shows!MPESA Tip JarsMchizi Gaza, 0782 591 691Cedha Fedha 0797 792 314Kweli Africa 0798 665 538Nessy 0702 158 367

Posted by Creatives Garage on Sunday, May 3, 2020
Day 6 x Lock In Festival Mush From The Bush

iDon't forget to tp Mush for his amazing set! MPESA Tip Jar: 0729354027Mush from the bush has a deep connection to African music, and it shows in his eclectic style, and his passion for storytelling. A self-taught guitarist with a soothing and soulful sound, Mush is re-shaping the neo soul genre as he composes a blend between African jazz, African blues, neo Afrobeat, and reggae.

Posted by Creatives Garage on Friday, May 1, 2020

Enjoy, support and stay safe out there.

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