By Alex Roberts

If you’re a regular reader of the the EA Scene (which of course, you are), then you have to be aware of our soft spot for the Black Glove film production- designed to be a fashion film meets deadly noir caper set against the backdrop of fabulous Kampala.

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The movie is still in the works- but if you want to get a rough idea- there’s hope. Back in December, a short film called Keycard, sort of a passenger project that encapsulates the essence and vibe of Black Glove, was filmed at Hotel Acacia in Kampala.

Now, after long last and a lot of lockdown related kinks, the trailer for Keycard is finally to be released. In the coming days, you’ll be able to see exactly what got us at the EA Scene so damn excited- Keycard (and later Black Glove) truly could mark a delineation of standard for film, fashion and creativity for the Kampala scene.

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The trailer isn’t to be missed. So when will it drop?

Soon is the answer, extremely soon, but to give away the exact date would frankly give a way the mystery, which, in the spirit of what Sebamala Arts and the entire production of Black Glove/Keycard is shooting for, would just be a bit gauche, don’t you think?

Needless to say- look to EA Scene first and absolutely don’t miss the upcoming trailer for the short film, Keycard.

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