Nsimbi music duo

By Gerald Gero

Mbaga is the first single off of Nsimbi’s maiden EP Infinity. The EP is a celebration of Ugandan sounds recorded, mixed and mastered in E. Africa. On Mbaga, the Ugandan American international award winning duo comprising of Ugandan Hip Hop pioneer GNL Zamba and Miriam Tamar deliver a unique blend of acoustic sounds and indigenous instruments of Africa. Nsimbi is known for their dynamic fusion of indigenous influenced sound of Lugaflow with a western touch.

The cultural theme video centers on an East African marriage ceremony portraying blending of culture, community, dance and celebration. The music video is a colorful, unique, and captivating display of African fashion blended with soulful sounds of pristine vocal range to produce an organic work of artistry and a master piece of storytelling. It’s a product of natural creative synergy and musical art.

At the heart of the concept of this Afro-centric music video, is courtship and the celebration of the ceremony of marriage which is the literal interpretation of the title of the song “Mbaga” in the popularly spoken language in the central Buganda region, Luganda.

Mbaga is shot on the shores of Lake Nalubale (Victoria) focusing around the duo that are portrayed as love interests in the music video expressing love and affection for each other in undeniably soothing lyrics and rhymes in the full embrace of nature. 

They share moments of courtship singing and rapping away over a backdrop of green grassland while clad in green color symbolic of unconditional love and later, taking a romantic stroll by the lake side dressed in orange color that is synonymous with joy and creative energy.  

Marriage is a fun filled, joyous and momentous occasion and the duo showcases it in a culturally rich display of traditional dances filled with love and exuberance after the groom men arrive at the event rowing boats and the bride makes a stunning entrance riding on a boda boda for the payment of dowry.

A song you should definitely add to your wedding playlist.

Watch the video.

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