By Florence Kyohangirwe (Kakatshozi)
Miss World, Vanessa Ponce de Leon of Mexico

Like we updated you via our socials, Miss World Vanessa Ponce De Leon has been in Uganda. The purpose for her visit was attending the Miss Uganda beauty pageant that went down on Friday 26th of July 2019 at Kampala Sheraton Hotel, she was also visiting various charities that outgoing Miss Uganda and reigning Miss World Africa Quiin Abenakyo is running, alongside visiting tourist attractions in the beautiful Pearl of Africa.

While most Ugandans looked forward to seeing the world’s most beautiful woman face to face At the Miss Uganda event, the fashion community was more thrilled to see what she would wear to the beauty pageant on Friday evening. She indeed did not disappoint as she dazzled in a Tina Brad champagne colored gown. The Tina Brad brand is owned by Christine Bradshaw, an award winning Ugandan celebrity stylist.

The gown was masterfully designed to showcase a chic and modern look inspired by the Gomesi, a traditional attire famous in the Central Uganda. The Gomesi is commonly worn by the Baganda and Basoga tribes.

“The first noticeable feature on the gown are the sleeves. Traditionally, the Gomesi has short, puffed sleeves, however Miss World’s gown was designed with off shoulder sleeves to give it an in vogue modern appeal while at the same time maintaining the frame and vision.” Christine explains.

With further articulation, Christine gives the more insight on the make of the dress. “Inside an ordinary Gomesi would be a kikooyi or Kanga, an inner garment tied underneath the linen of the Gomesi to ensure the fabric does not stick to the body. This is meant to accentuate the elegance and decency of the attire. To keep up with the vision, Miss World’s gown had a dress underneath inspired by the Kikooyi.

The belt on the gown featured a throw-on skirt spread on top of the dress giving prominence to the final part of the Gomesi inspired look which is the sash. A Gomesi is tied with a sash placed below the waist over the hips to not only give the attire shape but also to make it fashionable. Miss World’s sash or belt stylishly mimicked the complete look of a Gomesi with the addition of a modest trail. The look was topped off with feathers subtly adorned on top and lace at the bottom of the gown. I chose to go for the feathers because they are this seasons’ trend and they blended beautifully with the champagne colored gown.” Christine concludes.

Miss World with Quiin Abenakyo, Miss World Africa and former Miss Uganda. Both queens wore Tina Brad gowns

Tina Brad wanted Miss World Vanessa Ponce De Leon, to grace the event dressed in an outfit that embodied comfort, tradition, in fashion and elegance.

“Miss world has worn the most beautiful gowns on earth as we all know, I chose the Gomes’s style for her so that she could have and remember a piece of Uganda, ” says Christine.

Former Miss Uganda queens with Miss World.

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