By Alex Roberts

Is anyone really surprised by Eliud Kipchoge to continue to do incredibly dope shit? The man became the first athlete ever to break the two hour barrier for a full marathon today.

At EA Scene, we’re focused on the arts and culture side of things, but once in a while something comes to pass that simply should not be ignored. What Kipchoge achieved today, most certainly qualifies as such.

It is a remarkable human moment, and the very reason that sports are even worth to be watched in the first place. Kipchoge, in those final meters, summarized that the goal posts for athletic excellence have once again been shifted by him.

There is one aspect to the race though, that truly qualifies as well beyond mysterious to this writer, that today’s sub two hour mark in Vienna, Austria, will not be recognized as the official world record.


Did he run it faster? If no one else has ever run a full marathon in a sub two hour mark, and he has, then inherently, isn’t that the record? How, truly how is it not?

This is rubbish of the highest order and should be viewed as such.

The official reasoning is that Kipchoge ran the race outside of ‘official competitions’ and with ‘rotating pacemakers’.

So? Was it faster?


Then get fucking real.

This is absolutely not the type of remarkable moment that should be dissected into the granular with an asterisk, but rather wholeheartedly embraced as the singular moment that it truly is.

To diminish it, that is the true asterisk. A potential true shame on the sport of track.

Life is fucked up enough as is, can’t sport, as it was originally meant to, fall outside of the mundane by the very nature of the potential of moments it provides?

This was a huge moment for the world of sport, and for the nation of Kenya, so in this case, can we all just put away our red markers to knock a moment down a peg?

Kipchoge deserves better. In his own words after the race: “No human is limited.” This couldn’t ring more true.

Kipchoge ran perfectly; for just under two hours.

Just watch for yourself:


Video courtesy of The Guardian


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