By Alex Roberts

In recent years Tetu Shani has become a bit of an enigma in the Kenyan music scene. His music routinely gives a middle finger to convention, as does his approach to performance and how he drops his new tracks. His afro-fusion twist on indie rock has gained quite a following- as has his avoidance of falling within boxes.

His new music video for ‘Sema’ helps to further the singer’s continued trajectory of defying expectations. With more of a heavily produced back-beat, an uptempo tone and aching harmonies- this is just another track that proves Shani is expanding as artist, and probably doesn’t care if someone can’t keep up with the learning curve he’s setting for himself.

The video itself is a delightful short and sweet travel clip- interspersed with clips of animation and textual dubbing. ‘Sema’ is a part of Shani’s effort to release a video every month between now and December 2019, an ambitious endeavor that Shani and four other artists have undertaken.

If ‘Sema’ is any indication (following on the heels of the hit ‘Africa Sun’- he’s an artist that’s still taking no bullshit about pushing himself as an artist; and as a listener you’d be remiss to pass by anything that Shani drops in the coming months.

Check out the video below!

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