By Florence Kyohangirwe & Alex Roberts

So what is the EA Scene? We’re a platform focused solely on the creative arts of East Africa. We are focused on promoting the creative arts, culture and activism within East Africa. Our platform aims to tell stories and bring together like-minded individuals for the advancement of East African culture through literary works, music, film and advocacy.

There’s no bullshit, no filter, no replacement of East African artists with a random YouTube star from X who’s visiting somewhere in the region and is ‘oh so talented’.

This is a platform for East Africa. That’s our focus and what we aim to bring to the table. The EA Scene is just that: a daily look into the very best of the arts from the region.

We strive to be a platform that puts highest priority for East Africa’s creatives, not to shove them aside at first possibility of focusing on someone else.

We’ll be bringing a look at the very best of art, music, film, fashion, design, writing and, if the occasion calls for it, a look at the news stories defining the region. From our end, we’re always going to choose what’s best over what’s popular, and want our readers to rely on us as such. We believe that the EA Scene, with time and patience, can become one of the premier publications focusing on East Africa.

All the rest is irrelevant for us. Our voice is uncensored, unfiltered and won’t compromise.

We hope that you, the readership, will hold us to that account.

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