By Alex Roberts

It has been a strange start to the global news in 2020. Corona virus is scaring everyone, locusts are invading East Africa and the US government went through a circus trial.

With all of this going on, there was one story that seemed to fall through the cracks last week- that the Trump administration’s infamous ‘Muslim ban’ was extended to include citizens of Tanzania.

In short- Donald J. Trump has hatred for Tanzanians, but why? It is an honest question, but what the fuck have Tanzanians ever done wrong to the US? With every single other country on the list of that little-dicked troglodyte has some historical idiocy he can point to as a means of scapegoating; a lightning rod that he can stick his miniature fingers at and scream ‘SEE THEY WERE ALWAYS OUT TO GET YOU’, however bigoted and misguided it may be (it is EXTREMELY so bigoted and misguided).

So what have Tanzanians ever done to transgress against the orange one? The only real thing I can think of is the embassy bombing in Dar es Salaam in 1998; but even in that case- the man who detonated the bomb in Tanzania was Egyptian and the mastermind was Kenyan- so….what?

What else is there? The mind is racked for answers. I sat at my desk yesterday, pondering these mysteries for about a half second- before I realized that the answer is racism.

The answer is simple- this is a litmus test by the Trump administration to start banning more African citizens from the US based on a vague and undetermined ‘threat’- which translates directly into ‘KEEP AMERICA WHITE’.

No, the answer isn’t Magafuli (Magafoolish is far from the only East African leader with outlandish statements on his record on the continent); it isn’t Islam (Tanzania is only 35% Muslim) and it isn’t politics (Sweden is socialist-white)- it is that Tanzanians are black and to paraphrase Kanye (before he went crazy)- ‘Donald Trump doesn’t care about black people’.

He’s a racist piece of shit- he always was, and always will be, this is simply the latest instance thereof; but it won’t be the last.

Soon, he will be banning other people from East Africa- and, the Western world being as cowed by the US policies as they are- this means that the end game translates into citizens of East Africa being less able to travel internationally- potentially curtailing the region from expanding influence within the global sphere.

From where I sit, it looks a hell of a lot like Trump has it out for Africans.

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